Creating a competitive advantage with customer experience

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Creating a competitive advantage with customer experience

Creating a competitive advantage through customer experience was this year’s theme at the Ashton Media Customer 360 Symposium held in April, at the Crowne, Hunter Valley. This was the fifth annual Customer 360 Symposium and is ANZ’s #1 Customer Experience conference.

The event always attracts a great line up of speakers and this year was no exception. Jeanne Bliss, a global authority on CX launched the conference and Jami Blake Director, Voice of Customer at Tiffany & Co and Jaquie Scammell, an employee experience expert joined the line-up . There were lots of common themes across the various sessions.

Here are my top 7 take-aways from the event. I hope you find them helpful.

1. #MakeMomProud

Apply your ‘Mum lens’ when thinking about your customers – Would you do that to your mother?

2. What value does CX offer?
  • Marketing – loyalty, advocacy, brand reputation and value, up-sell/cross sell
  • Operations – supply chain management, efficiencies, vendor performance, consistency
  • Finance – retention, increased speed, lower acquisition cost
  • Human Resources – employee effectiveness, employee retention, company culture
  • Product – new ideas, faster research & development, lower failure ratesIf we think CX is expensive…try not having it.
3. CX = EX

Improve your customer experience by working on your employee experience.

  • Do this by enabling staff and empowering them to take action
  • Share valuable customer feedback with staff in relevant and role specific ways
  • Build a customer centric culture
  • Be a company that cares
  • When recruiting employees – recruit for attitude not just skill
4. What you focus on, grows.
5. Trust

Relationships are built on trust
Trust given is trust received
Treat others how you want to be treated
Consistency is important. All it takes is one mistake to break trust.

6. Learn empathy

When dealing with customer complaints be empathetic. They want to be heard.

7. CX now commands a seat at the table
  • CX initiatives need to be tied to business drivers
  • Data helps provide a single customer view – listen to the qualitative not just the quantitative, including unsolicited data such as social media.
  • “Conversations must begin with ‘here’s what we have learned from customers this week,’ not with ‘this is your branches NPS score’.”
  • “It’s the knowledge derived from information that gives you a competitive edge.” Bill Gates

Want to know more about this event or how to become a customer centric company? Ask Marketspace.

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