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Budget Wise is an exciting new product launched by Coastline Credit Union that helps solve a common problem – it removes the stress associated with paying everyday bills. Coastline needed to educate their target audience about Budget Wise and how it worked and introduce them to the concept of ‘Bill Smoothing’. The next challenge was convincing people that they needed Budget Wise and getting them to sign up.



Marketspace worked with Coastline to devise a marketing strategy that would build awareness, educate members about Budget Wise, introduce them to the new concept of ‘Bill Smoothing’ and finally devise a strategy to generate and capture leads that would increase conversion. An integrated marketing campaign was designed that created multiple and ongoing impressions to generate product awareness. The campaign was run across the full suite of marketing materials – in branch, on ATM screens and across all digital platforms – including website and social media platforms. Personalised E-communications were sent to members and information was included with monthly statements. An 90 second animated video was designed and created to help communicate the concept of ‘Bill Smoothing’. This video continues to be used as an educational tool to promote Budget Wise. A series of relevant articles about Budget Wise were created and placed on the website to allow members to conduct their own research.


A survey campaign was then run to encourage direct engagement to help identify those people that related to the product so a more direct and personal conversation could be had with branch staff.



Enquiry for the product as increased by 200%. The video is getting watched and members have a better understanding about Budget Wise, it’s features and benefits.



  • Animation
  • Product Awareness campaign
  • Survey

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