What is your brand story?


What is your brand story?

Why is that people find it easier to remember a story than a bunch of simple facts? Understand the answer to this question and you will understand the value of crafting your own brand story strategy.

Storytelling is an ancient art, that has long been used as a teaching tool in education to aid learning. From myths and legends, to fables, fairy tales and folklore, epic adventures, political campaigns, religious stories and advertising. Stories help us digest information faster and easier as they help connect information with our emotions and our own experiences. When we relate to each other through shared stories and common experiences, we can see ourselves in those stories.

Humans are emotional creatures. We learn from our mistakes and can imagine a future – these are necessary skills for adapting and surviving. A good story is memorable, makes us feel something. Done right, it is an effective communication tool and effective way to engage an audience, convey information and influence people without using overt persuasion. We all like to share a good story.

A single story can be very influential – encourage us to join a group, vote in an election or follow a group or individual. They can help us understand another person’s actions, or encourage us to donate money, time or resources to a worthy cause. Do you have a favourite story? Do you know why this is your favourite?

Stories that fascinate and captivate us are more memorable. They are shared and retold to others, again and again. These stories are authentic, have meaning and purpose. According to Sally Hogshead, a successful US author and branding expert, there are seven fascination triggers. By mastering these triggers, your ideas will become memorable;

Seven fascination triggers

Power – take command

Passion – attract with emotion

Mystique – arouse curiosity

Prestige – increase respect

Alarm – create urgency

Rebellion – change the game

Trust – build loyalty

Using storytelling within your content marketing strategy helps build a brand presence and will help you develop a persona for your company. Elements of your strategy may include a mix of video, blog posts, social media sites, articles, white papers, podcasts or presentations. Ensuring you have a consistent brand voice will ensure your messaging does not become confused.

Tips for crafting your own brand story

Stay true to yourself

Be authentic

Be honest

Know your audience

Keep it relevant

Choose your headlines wisely

Engage a content writer to get your messaging right

What does your brand story say about your business?

If you would like some help crafting your brand story strategy, ask Marketspace. Building brands is what we do.

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